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Tami Gosnell: News

Playing the Glastonbury fest! - May 8, 2013

Hello friends, family, and fans!

I am very excited to announce that Arika Schumacher and I will be performing for thousands of people in England in June. I have a solo show scheduled and she and I will be singing in the choir multiple times during the festival.  We will even be performing for the performers!  Maybe we'll even be able to meet Mick Jagger!

Follow this link to our IndieGoGo page-    

Our financial goal is $3,000.  That would pay for our plane tickets to/from England.  Once we get there, we will be taken care of, so we are very humbled and grateful for our hosts and their generosity.  

We are offering some pretty fun perks for helping us reach our goal! All of my albums are up for grabs, including new sound healing recordings.  They will be signed and delivered right to your door!  We will also be on the lookout for original memorabilia from the festival that we can share with our beloved donors as well as lifetime show tickets to see yours truly play live! For the right price, of course :) 

Follow this link to our IndieGoGo page- 

This choir is making a difference!  Shakti Sings is a choir that uses intention to open hearts and sing songs of gratitude and joy.  Through song we will bring awareness, support, and healing to mother earth and send our love to all sentient beings throughout the universe. 

Please visit my website for more information about the festival, upcoming shows, and new sound healing recordings.

We realize that these are tough times financially for many people, so if you are unable to donate please refer our page to friends who may be able to help.  This is a chance of a lifetime and we are so honored to be asked to be a part of it.  You would be helping to make our dreams come true. And plus, we will love you forever!!

Please use the Indiegogo share tools!

Follow this link to our IndieGoGo page-  

We thank you so very much for your donations and helping us to get the word out!

Tami and Arika

There is no better time than NOW! - May 21, 2011

I am back in the saddle again, so get ready! The Tami Gosnell Band will be playing a benefit for the Sonoma County Time Bank, and we will be opening for Blusion and Jazz Mafia so make sure to be there early!

Where: Aubergine Co
755 Petaluma Avenue
Sebastopol, CA

Date: May 28, 2011

Time: Doors open at 6 pm.
We will play at around 6:30 and we have an hour set. We will be performing my brand new album in its entirety!

I encourage you to come and be a part of this entire event. This is community building at its finest! The Sonoma County Time Bank is an hour for hour time and talent exchange. To learn more visit You will be glad you did!!

For more event details: presents-local-eyes-1210-advance/

Stay tuned for more news......
I will be sending out information on how to order my new cd-
The New Paradigm.
Yes it is done! We are working on artwork and packaging, and also how to best reach an online audience.
If you have any suggestions, connections, or a website you think we should advertise with, let us know! Thanks in advance!!

Please join the email list for more updates!

New album coming soon! - January 15, 2010

Working on a new album folks. Tami's been in the studio working her ass off to create a new and inspiring album. It's got a wake up and listen feel! Scheduled to be out and on sale, in the spring! Check back for updates,and join our e'mail list.

Check out Entertainment weekly online. Tami is #5, on the top 15 American Idol auditions of all time!,,20312226_20313133_11,00.html

KOWS 107.3 Occidental- NOW STREAMING!!! - September 5, 2008

Hello all.
I have great news today. Now you can listen to our local radio station on-line!! Just paste the url in your browser and viola! I encourage you to listen to all of the programs, but my show, Clear Channel Detox, is going to be every odd sunday from 2-5. Please tune in for talk, news, music, funny commercials, and calls. I covered the Denver National Convention and in the coming weeks I will be presenting that material.
Clear Channel Detox. "Sticking it to the new world order- one prick at a time."
tami gosnell

Tami Gosnell confirmed for Dreamtime Festival! - July 2, 2008

The Dreamtime Festival in Paonia Colorado is going to be awesome this year!!! I encourage you all to please visit their website and check out the sweet workshops that are planned, and the performances as well. This is going to be the last show I play for a while. I have decided to start school in the fall for sound healing and pro tools production. There are many transitory things happening for me right now and music is one of them. It is time to reinvent! Also it is time for me to become self sufficient in the studio! My vision will never be fully realized until I am in control- of the controls!!!
In the meantime, I am having the time of my life with my new radio shows The Eleventh Hour and Clear Channel Detox. We have finally upgraded in the studio with some computers, so the next logical step will be podcasting. Stay tuned! I will update information as I receive it!
Healing and Harmony,
Tami Gosnell

Tami takes on talk radio! - March 25, 2008

Hello everyone! Great news for you today... I am going to be hosting my very own radio show! Actually I have 2 shows. One is non-commercial music called "Clear Channel Detox." The other show is talk, news, local events, and special guests called "The Eleventh Hour."
This is a long-time dream of mine coming true right before our ears!! Right now, only locals can tune in to the low power station KOWS 107.3 in Occidental. Very soon it will be on the web available for podcast- so hold tight for updates on that status. That is it for now!
Peace, healing, and harmony

New News! New News! - January 25, 2008

Hi All,
The last few months have been very extreme to say the least. Its like I was running with a 50 pound bag on my back and all of a sudden, someone lifted it off of me! Many poems and songs have been flowing out as a result, so I can't complain much! I am hoping to have the CD (or at least an EP) done by March 1. You will definately be hearing Nashville and electronic influences in the new stuff, so hang on to your hats!!
December was exciting because I got to play in San Diego for the 1st time. The turnout at Lestat's was great! Thanks to the street team headed up by Jareb Liewer! I also played SoHo in Santa Barbara and opened for Aaron Mclain (lead guitarist for Marc Anthony). We felt our music was complimentary so be on the look-out for more double bills! Then I played at The Hotel Cafe which was a blast. Since then I have been playing locally and recording with my new bandmates Paul Lamb and Bradley Leach. They are very fun, talented, and professional, so it makes for a very smooth process.
In other exciting news, I am the newest endorsee of Alvarez Guitars! They just had me demonstrating their newest models at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. Look for updates on in-store appearances for Alvarez in the near future!! Well, that's about it for now. I am going to get back to watching the rain come down!
Peace, healing, and harmony-

From An Undisclosed Location in Northern CA. - October 11, 2007

Hello everyone!
As many of you know, someone graciously took that pesky laptop of mine so I was unable to update the site. After a few setbacks and detours, I am back! The last couple of months have been fruitful to say the least. There has been a surge of new music pouring out of me, and that is a very good thing because we are hoping to get into the studio soon for the next collective work. Once the CD is complete, I will have plenty of ammo to take on tour.
Location, location, location!
I have moved to Northern California and I absolutely love it. I have found some great musicians to play with and I am very excited.
Sometimes detours take us exactly where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there!!
We are getting a street team lined up over on ol' MySpace, so if anyone is interested in becoming involved, please visit us at The job will consist of spreading the word about shows when I am in your area. Just bring some friends if that is all you have time to do! You will be rewarded accordingly!! Free tickets, music, and merch can be yours. Thanks!
Now that I made it back to cyberspace, I will try to keep you all up-to-date as often as I can!
Tami Gosnell

Spaces Between Trees Festival - July 23, 2007

Hello all,
The Spaces Between Trees Festival is coming up in Nederland, Colorado on August 11th. Please visit the website and click on the spaces between trees gallery link for details! This will be an all-day event jam-packed with visual, performing, and culinary arts. I am very excited to be a part of this progressive community and invite you to join in the fun!
Health and harmony,

Tami Gosnell Confirmed for Dreamtime Festival! - July 5, 2007

Hello friends and fans! Now here's a festival you are not going to want to miss! The future is now! When purchasing a ticket please use affiliate code: tagos001
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Tami Gosnell Update! - June 28, 2007

Hello everyone!
I finally got a chance to sit down and fill you all in on what's been happening! At the beginning of May, I went to Cannon Beach, Oregon to catch up with my manager and play some music. I actually got some press out of this impromptu show.

"American Idol Contestant Surprises North Oregon Coast"

Gosnell plays Warren House in Cannon Beach
(Cannon Beach) – The tiny town of Cannon Beach got a bit of a surprise Wednesday with an appearance by a former contestant on Fox’s “American Idol” show.

Tami Gosnell played a practically impromptu set at the Warren House Pub that night, to a mellow but somewhat full house, filling the show with powerful acoustic versions of her original material and a rousing, rather intense set of covers from a variety of eras. She also cut loose a bit for cameras and added some amusing material near the end of the show.

Gosnell appeared briefly on this last season’s “American Idol.” Her audition and subsequent quick dismissal from the show made a major impact on the press at the time, garnering much attention by the media as the big pick during the show’s preliminary airings of accepted auditions. Gosnell was shown getting praised by even the ill-tempered Simon Cowell, getting the green light to join the top 40 contestants in Hollywood. She was among the first 16 to be nixed from that group, footage which the show also aired. On top of her gutsy audition, it showed her walking out and telling people nearby that she’d made it into the first cut. It later showed her walking out and telling cameras she was cut from the first Hollywood group.

Gosnell clowns for the cameras
Gosnell is currently under the wing of music industry promoter/producer Scott Stimpson, who lives part time in Cannon Beach. Stimpson is co-owner of two music companies: one which manages up and coming acts like Gosnell; another that has in the past booked major national acts, such as Guns ‘N’ Roses and Hootie and the Blowfish.

Stimpson brought Gosnell out to the area to perform coffee house-style, just before she had to head back to her hometown of Denver, Colorado.

“She had quite an impact on the audience when her segments first aired,” said Stimpson. “She had the most hits of all the female singers at the time. The Associated Press ran a story saying she was basically the most interesting at that point.”

That AP story did some siazable things for Gosnell’s career, she said. The show itself was major publicity, but the subsequent media buzz was even bigger.

“We’re now in touch with a lot of publicists who want to work with her,” Stimpson said. “We’re heading to Memphis to record some songs soon, and there’s a record company in L.A. that’s interested in her. There’s a great team that’s developing here. She’s been talking to the press constantly since the show.”

Stimpson said Gosnell’s buzz included numerous comparisons to Janis Joplin, including comments she was the closest “American Idol” would ever come to having someone like Joplin on the show.

Gosnell’s voice has much of the same bluesy, commanding style that was indicative of Joplin, but her material has a surreal sense about it: almost as if Mazzy Star or Tori Amos had joined forces with the deceased icon. Her songwriting is intelligent, even complex in moments. Her own material far outshines whatever she can possibly do to reiterate the songs of others’, no matter how passionate the performance. It’s not hard to wonder if she was artistically injuring herself by associating with the “American Idol” franchise, widely regarded among music critics as a problematic, aesthetic cancer in the U.S. music industry.

Gosnell goofed around briefly with various patrons. After an extended break, where the show appeared to have ended, she started in again with some interesting covers from bands like Pink Floyd. Gosnell and the audience got particularly wild near the end of the evening, according to various reports from residents. This included one man taking his shirt off during the show and amusing everyone--- The Beach Connection

On May 13th, I arrived in Nashville for some songwriting sessions with some great writers there, including Amanda Williams ( It was very productive, fun, and inspiring. Then I played some songs at Blue Bar on the 14th and Fuel on the 15th. Then we hopped into a great studio and recorded one of the songs we wrote called 'The One That Got Away'. Thanks to Amanda, I had a blast in Nashville and I will be making regular trips to and from there for more writing, playing, and recording.

The last weekend of May I attended the Durango Songwriters Expo in Santa Barbara, CA. I made so many great contacts, got to hob-nob with some major players in the business including a private sing-along with Tony Scalzo of Fastball. I also got to show some of my talent on stage at the late night open mic, and I must say the response was great. The weekend was so inspiring I wrote some new songs- once again reminding me that my music knows no genre it just simply is!!
June was a month of gathering even more inspiration as I spent almost 2 weeks on the road beginning in Northern California. I played an opener for the Jerry Garcia Band there in Guerneville, had a few days off to look for a place to live. On the 19th, I saw the best show of my life. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd played the Oakland Coliseum. They did the whole Dark Side of the Moon album and also songs from The Wall, Ummagumma, and Animals. Tears streamed down my face as they fused music, politics, pure raw emotion, and multimedia in a way that no one can. Then it was off to Moab, Utah to play a show with my cohorts Baked Iguana at Frankie D's. I had a great time there, the club was great, and Moab is so beautiful, I had to stay an extra day!!

Thank you all for reading my update, and thanks for spreading the word about me. I am recieving over 1,000 hits a day now and have a map showing where visitors come from on the home page. We're worldwide baby!!

Peace out!
Tami Gosnell

Press! Publicity! You Gotta Love IT! - March 31, 2007

Hello friends and fans.
As you know, my audition for the worlds most watched karaoke contest was televised. Since then, my website hits have skyrocketed (575,000 since Feb. 8th) and I have been mentioned in articles written by TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today,,, InTouch Magazine, and the Associated Press.
A few examples:
Looking for the 'Idol' contestant who has 'it'
POSTED: 1:06 p.m. EST, March 6, 2007
NEW YORK (AP) -- Blah.

If any word were to sum up this year's mostly bland and sometimes unwatchable batch of "Idol" contestants, that'd be it.

Sure, there are some standouts -- sweet-natured former backup singer Melinda Doolittle, big-voiced belter LaKisha Jones and cocksure beatboxer Blake Lewis are shoo-ins to face off in the weeks before the Fox talent show's big May finale. Each are confident, worthy performers -- yet they don't leave you wanting more.

Yes, I'll admit it: I miss Taylor Hicks and his herky-jerky dancing. I miss watching the kittenish Katharine McPhee make goo-goo eyes at the camera. I miss making goo-goo eyes at the TV when bald rocker Chris Daughtry worked the stage like a pro. Then there's my personal favorite, the soulful and snaggletoothed Elliot Yamin, who had me in tears when he was voted off last year. (Yamin has since had a full dental makeover, complete with new veneers.)

"It's a very hard season I think, at this point, to pinpoint who has the 'it' factor," said Michael Slezak, who blogs about the show for Entertainment Weekly magazine's Web site. "Which is strange, because usually by this point in the 'Idol' season, you could say: 'Fantasia has IT. Carrie Underwood has IT. Chris Daughtry has IT.'"

It must be noted, though, that this year's guy to watch -- the scrappy Lewis, who nailed a cover of Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" -- is a lot hipper than Hicks. The likable Doolittle seems less of a diva than McPhee, who at times came off as aloof and self-aware. Still, last season's talent pool -- stuffed with variety, excitement and star quality -- might have set the bar so high that viewers are feeling let down by the new kids.

Give them time to develop, said host Ryan Seacrest, who counts Doolittle and Jones as "the favorites."

"I can hope that the guys get better and better each week," Seacrest recently told AP Television. "And, in terms of anything else, the contestants are experiencing something they've never been through before and (are) thrown into this. And, it's a long process."

"We are SO early in the season and in the series, you also don't want to be somebody (who) peaks too soon," he continued. "You want to make sure you're good enough to stay in but you're building with each week, so the audience gets behind you."

In other words: Don't write off this crop of contenders just yet. After all, the top 12 finalists have yet to be announced.

"This group of singers has a chance to redeem themselves," Slezak said. "Right now, I would say it's gonna be tough for them to outdo last season. But I think there are enough good singers that it could be as good as last season."

Looking for 'a real mix of different types'
One of those singers is the spunky and stylish Stephanie Edwards, who tore up her rendition of Beyonce's "Dangerously In Love" last week. "So many people are going to be in love with Stephanie Edwards right now," gushed Paula Abdul.

Hope so. Producers should show more of Edwards' backstory, so we can get to know her better. Her competition -- especially Jones, who gives us someone to root for as a single mom to an adorable little girl -- has an edge on her in that respect.

Edwards, 19, who is from Georgia, would also do well to separate herself from the pack of female front-runners: Jones, Doolittle, 17-year-old Jordin Sparks and curly haired Sabrina Sloan. All are going the R&B route, which makes for boring TV on a star-making show that has crowned such disparate acts as Hicks, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Fantasia Barrino.

What's missing on this "Idol," Slezak said, is "a real mix of different types."

"A lot of the guys are working a sort of Justin Timberlake-y, Usher-y vibe, and a lot of the women are sort of working an old-school Gladys Knight, Aretha kind of vibe," he said. "I was surprised by the fact that there aren't really any legitimate rock singers, that there doesn't seem to be anyone who's a country singer."

Remember Tami Gosnell, the pedicab driver from Colorado? Now there was a star. When she sang "Whipping Post" during her audition, it was like that scene in "The Queen" when Helen Mirren's Queen Elizabeth is nearly rendered speechless by the sight of a magnificent, elusive stag. Such moments happen rarely, when we least expect them.

So invigorating was Gosnell's bluesy, natural performance that it required another viewing, courtesy of DVR. She had a certain something -- a quality that can vaguely be described as "IT."

She was also inexplicably cut after this year's Hollywood rounds. In a sea of "blah," Gosnell certainly stood out.

Isn't that worth voting for?

Idol Chat: Who Will Be Hollywoods Biggest Stars?
Back In The Highlights Again,,20007164_20008533_20011172,00.html
Star Satellite recently received a stellar review in Boulder Weekly by Vince Darcangelo, and JR Wolfe wrote a spotlight story about yours truly in the April issue Colorado Music Buzz.

Thanks to Delta Groove Records and executive producer Rand Chortkoff, I was invited to attend the premeire of 'What Love Is" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. last week in Hollywood, and I got to sing with the Hollywood Blue Flames at the exclusive after-party at the elite nightclub, Avalon.

I am set to do some special benefit shows as well as a small east-coast tour early summer, so I will be updating my calendar soon.

I want to tell all of you how amazing it feels to have so much support flowing in. The kind words you have all said has made this transition so much easier. Just know that I am not giving up, this has only just begun! If you have a chance, come see a live show and we'll hang!!

With love and gratitude,

More New Songs - February 8, 2007

I popped in the studio to get these new songs down. I hope you all enjoy. And by the way thanks all of you for your support with the idol thing. Now listen to the tunes to pass the time!

New Songs! - December 29, 2006

So i have 2 new ditties for your listening pleasure. Tell your friends! Tell your foes! Tell anyone who will listen! They are just demos so dont get your panties in a wad if they dont sound so great. But i know as avid music fans, you can look through the rough to see the diamonds every time.
Enjoy!! See you soon, at a venue near you.

yes, i am a songwriter - December 14, 2006

just wanted to let everyone know that i will have new tunes on the site soon. i havent written this many songs since i was 16! so i am excited for y'all to hear em. my style keeps evolving, and friends are keeping the drama coming so i have plenty to say. i am hoping to have the new songs ready to listen to by february 1st.
Y'all come back now y'hear?!

Star Satellite is flying off the shelves! - May 5, 2006

I just wanted to thank everyone that has ordered the CD. I can feel nothing but gratitude as I am beginning to find out just how many people support this crazy music thang.

I am hosting an open mic in Lafayette one thursday
every month. Come join in the mayhem May 11 at Doughty's, and bring your instrument! It will be the beginning of many thursday nights of drunken singing, be there or be square!

If you haven't heard the speech by Steven Colbert (Colbert Report), you have been watching too much mainstream media! This man is my hero. I haven't felt this satisfied since Ellen came out of the closet on national television! Why am I satisfied, you say? Because Colbert stood at the podium ten feet from Bush in front of everyone at the White House Correspondents' dinner, saying everything I have fantasized of saying since the man seized office! This is a brilliant and gratifying speech that will drop your jaw in disbelief, awe, and inspiration. It's funny too!
Keepin it real, y'all

Buy the CD! - April 26, 2006

Star Satellite is shrinkwrapped and ready to ship!
All in all, I have to say that I am satisfied with the way it turned out, and I think it was well worth the time and energy spent by Jason and myself. Order a copy for yourself and a friend!
Until next time, may you all find happiness in the simple things!


Star Satellite - March 31, 2006

Hello all.
I just recieved the art proofs for the soon-to-be-released CD, Star Satellite. They are lookin' good! I feel pretty. I am hoping to have them completely ready for sale by the 17th. There is a possibility that they will be done sooner, but I don't want to spread any rumors just yet. The Tami Gosnell Band is gearing up for shows in the next few months, and then we will be playing a venue near you. Please join the mailing list so you can be the first one to know! Joining the mailing list also helps me with the numbers game. Numbers help to book shows in new venues and also helps to show prospective record labels interest in the music.
Thank you all so very much for checking out my site! Since the end of December, there have been 650 visits. That makes me feel good!

Love and Gratitude,

The Tami Gosnell Band plays the Fox - February 26, 2006

The show on the 21st was a blast! The guys did a great job playing and I hope that they had as much fun as I did. One good thing that came out of that gig was that the Fox wants us back! Just as an opener mind you, but they will be wanting us to headline soon!

I finally have chosen the order of songs on my cd, and it still has a chance of being done in March.

I feel I am standing on the edge of something great. It may not be what any of us expect, but it will be meant TO BE!

Take care everyone!
t money

2006, pedicabs and pro tools - January 8, 2006

Well here we are. 2006. It is exciting isn't it? I had a great new years eve- this is the first year in many that I have not had a gig. So this time I was able to enjoy the entertainment!! Downtown Denver was a trip......
We started the night at our favorite vegan restaurant, The Watercourse, and watched the 9:00 fireworks from there. Then we went to Cafe Star to watch Ian Maxwell work his magic (thanks for the champaigne, you sexxxxy man you). Next was the Grenade (complete with MTV style music straight from 1992, strange men, and cheap drinks). And the night came to a head at Thinman (complete with good disco, people in crazy costumes, and a plastic new years pig that was rotisseried at the end of the night!)

As for the pedicab job, it is a dream come true!! I have never really worked with the public in a setting like this, and I totally love it. I am moving constantly, making good cash, and did I mention I set my own schedule? Well, I set my own schedule! It is good personality practice, and good for my waistline. Watch out Kate Olsen!

The cd is in its final stages, and I am just hoping that the final product will reflect the blood, sweat, and piss that has gone into it! :) After doing the majority of bass parts, I feel like Kim Deal McCartney's second cousin! And that is an improvement from before! Please keep your fingers crossed and send good thoughts my way for the project.....I need it!

So let's make this year the best one yet, okay?

Peace, healing, and harmony.....

Oh the music business. - December 16, 2005

Hi all....hope everything is well, and everyone is healthy and happy!

Well, you would think I was a pair of old pantyhose if I were to tell you about all of the 'snags'.
The cd is going to take longer than expected, and we were giving ourselves more than enough time....we thought. Outside the Door is in the process of moving to a different, bigger, and better studio- so there is a hold on OTD shows. The only thing that is moving forward is my new job. Yes! My new job. As you know, I have always supplemented my music with plumbing, until now. I have joined with Mile High Pedicab. If you live in or around Denver, you may have seen bike riding taxis hanging out downtown. Well, I have training tonight, and will hopefully be toting people to and fro- for tips and $2.00 a block. So if you want to come down and laugh at me, or if you want to get a ride, come find me! I will be the midget on a bike with people in tow!!

So there you have it, folks.
Hopefully next time my news will be about music.

Peas and luv

I am finally on the Web! - December 7, 2005

Well folks. I am here at last, right at your fingertips. ooooooohhh!

As many of you know, I have been pursuing the life of a starving musician for quite some time now. I have been in many bands and played many places. Now that I have a website, I will be able to share with you my experiences (at your leisure). I will also have a way of remembering my life, which is very key. I will always have something to say here, so visit often.

Here's the rundown as of lately.
I have been busy here in Boulder. Meeting new people, playing new places, and recording. I am currently playing with a rocking improv-type band called Outside the Door. Let's just say that the multimedia experience can only be likened to that of Pink Floyd. And I am not blowing sunshine up your ass! These guys are the real deal. We have played at Trilogy and The Fox and will soon be taking over Boulder. They have a self titled .com so check it out.
I am also finishing up my new album- which will be available in January some time. I am very excited about it. We are having fun, I am learning a lot, and every day it gets a little better sounding. So watch out America!
I will share details in a few days!
Love and Gratitude

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