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Tami Gosnell: Bio

Singer/songwriter Tami Gosnell, formerly of the bands Disco Goddess and The Meek, will be playing a venue near you! There are many ways to enjoy her 'melodically aggressive acoustic-based rock'. She can be seen solo with guitar in hand, playing originals and covers by her favorite bands, and occasionally she plays with a band. Tami has played professionally since 1997, and she has penned and performs over 175 songs full of thought-provoking lyrics and emotion-provoking riffs and melodies. She has recorded two full length albums, Star Satellite (released in 2006), and The New Paradigm (soon to be released). Both CDs feature Tami playing electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keybords, percussion, and she even does a little sampling. Vince Darcangelo from the Boulder Weekly said "Though the wet dream of a Janis Joplin/Ani Difranco double bill will remain fantasy, Tami Gosnell gives a hint of what this would be like in one soulful, dynamite performance."

Never shy of adventure, Tami’s “out of the box” approach to life led her to the halls of American Idol where she was an instant hit, not only with the judges but the public and press. Her heartfelt rendition of “Whipping Post” instantly propelled her to the top of the food chain leading all other female performers in the following Entertainment Weekly poll, the most comprehensive poll of all AI TV viewers. Of her performance, the often cantankerous Simon Cowell said “I really, really like you. You’re like someone who would’ve been a big star in the 60’s… you’ve got a terrific voice… you stand out, I love that… 1,000% yes!” Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul were in total agreement.  She is still talked about in American Idol circles, got some media attention in 2010 when runner-up Crystal Bowersox was compared to her, and is ranked 5th in Entertainment Weekly's 15 Best Auditions of All Time- between Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  

Tami is not just a talented singer/songwriter/performer. She lives all aspects of her life consciously and with purpose. She is a certified sound healer, recording engineer/producer, volunteer radio show host, certified in permaculture design, and has a wicked green thumb.  She is a political activist who supports peace, liberty, and freedom for all people, flora, fauna and mother earth.